Purple blackberry brandy cocktail
Purple blackberry brandy cocktail

Aquarian Martini


• 1oz Citadel French gin

• 1/2oz Butterfly Pea Flower Tea

• 1ea Dry Vermouth rinse

• 30-40 drops Mr.Boston Blackberry Brandy


• Stir gin and tea with ice until cold.

• Spritz or rinse the glass with vermouth and strain in.

• Using a dropper, drop in your brandy one drop at a time to enjoy the ripple effect it creates as it sinks to the bottom.

• If you don’t have a dropper, that’s fine- use your bar spoon and pour slowly down the twist to let it drip off the end into the glass.

• Finally, express your lemon over the top and garnish.

• Enjoy!

Made by: The Flippin Mixologist