Pineapple rum cocktail
Pineapple rum cocktail

Blow Me Down


• 2oz Lemon Juice

• 1tsp Lime Juice

• 1 1/2oz Tart Passion Fruit Syrup

• 1/2oz Demerara Syrup

• 1/2oz Maraschino Liqueur

• 2oz Parrot Bay Blended Rum

• 2oz Cruzan Hurricane Proof or other overproof rum


• Combine all but the overproof in a shaker with about 12 oz crushed ice and a few agitator cubes.

• Whip shake briefly to combine but not over-dilute.

• Open pour into a hurricane glass.

• You may need to gate your finish depending on the size of your glass - If you don’t get all the ice, that’s okay, but you want all that tasty cocktail!

• Garnish with a pineapple frond and half a passion fruit.

• Serve with the overproof in a shot glass or other small glass.

• Pour as little or as much of those “high winds” into your drink as you want.

• The bright, tart tang of the cocktail will step further back the more you add, bring those molasses-y smooth notes further forward.

Made by: The Flippin Mixologist