Whiskey green cocktail
Whiskey green cocktail

Branson On The Beach


• 1.5oz Dictator Aged Rum

• 0.75oz Foursquare Blended Rum

• 0.5oz Curacao

• 0.5oz honey Liqueur- Irish Mist Preferred

• 0.5oz Jameson Irish Whiskey

• 1oz Lime Juice

• 1oz Pineapple Juice

• 0.5 Falemum Syrup

• 0.5 Rich Simple Syrup

• 3-4 drops Green Food Colouring

• 16oz Crushed Ice


• Cobine all ingredients (except whiskey) in a drink mixer tin.

• Blend for 5-10 seconds.

• Open pour into a large glass or barrel mug.

• Float whiskey by slowly pouring it over the surface of the drink.

• Garnish with a mint bouquet and swizzle stick.

Made by: Chris Russell