Cacao bourbon cocktail
Cacao bourbon cocktail

Dirty Uncle


• 60ml Benchmark Bourbon

• 20ml Creme de Cacao Brown

• 20ml Caramelized Simple Syrup

• 20ml Lime Juice


• Add all ingredients in a shaker with ice and shake to chill.

• Strain into a rocks glass with a large ice cube.

• For the caramelized syrup I used a standard 1:1 sugar/water ratio and started heating up the sugar without any water.

• Let the sugar melt and stir gently.

• You want to let it get that nice golden-brown color before adding the water.

• Add only smaller portions of the water since it most likely will react to the water and may splash a bit and you don’t want to burn your hands or even your face!

Made by: Kristian Grundstrom