Christmas vodka cocktail
Christmas vodka cocktail

Grinch’s Epiphany


• 2oz Precis Vodka

• 1oz Triple Syrup

• 3/4oz Lime Juice

• 15-20ea Mint Leaves

• 1 1/2oz Cherry Infused Vodka

• 3/4oz Simple Syrup

• 1ea Egg White


• Blend two handfuls of ice, mint, vodka, lime, and triple syrup in a blender until smooth and pour into a glass.

• Shake foamy ingredients with a spring and two small ice cubes until foamy.

• Double strain into a clear Christmas bulb.

• Tie a bow around the glass and hang the bulb on the side of the glass.

• When ready, take the top of the bulb and pour it onto the green cocktail.

• Grab a straw, swirl if you want and enjoy!

Made by: The Flippin Mixologist