Rum brandy cocktail
Rum brandy cocktail

London Smog Cutter


• 1.25oz Ron Colon Salvadoreno - Coffee Infused Rum

• 0.5oz Ronald Isley Liquid Gold - Contagious XO Brandy

• 0.5oz Licor 43

• 0.5oz London Dry Gin

• 0.5oz Organic Mixology Cold Brew Coffee Liqueur

• 0.75oz Mongibello Mandarin Orange Juice

• 1.75oz Lemon juice

• 0.25oz Liber & Co. Orgeat syrup

• 0.25oz Lavender-Earl gray syrup


• Shake everything with ice except for the coffee liqueur.

• Add crushed ice in a glass.

• Strain and pour into the glass.

• Float the coffee liqueur.

• Garnish

• Enjoy

Made by: Mix With Marie