Ginger pineapple gin tonic
Ginger pineapple gin tonic

Not A G & T


• 1ea knob of Ginger root

• 1oz Lemon Juice

• 0.5oz Dole Pineapple Juice

• 0,25oz Hibiscus Lime peel Syrup

• 6.32oz Schweppes Bitter Lemon Tonic Water


• To make the hibiscus syrup, bring equal parts of water and granulated sugar to a boil, stirring until all of the sugar dissolves.

• Add a few tablespoons of dried hibiscus and the zest of one lime, stir and cover.

• Allow it to infuse for 2 hours, strain, and store it in the fridge, where it’ll be good for about a week.

• To build the drink, first grate a knob of ginger into your cocktail tin.

• Add lemon and pineapple juice as well as the syrup and shake well with ice.

• Double strain into a tall glass of ice.

• Top with tonic and stir it up a bit.

• Garnish with ginger and mint.

Made by: Monica Chapman